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“We bring back from the woods what we carry to it – give little and we get little in return…. Nature will have all of your attention or nothing of you. If you think of yourself, or your affronts, you forget to look for the color, you lose the

Cecropia’s cocoon, you fail to see the bird or hear the song, and the flowers lose their fragrance…. Intimacy with Nature is acquired slowly.”



Charming and intimate, yet unassuming, a visit to Birdsacre is a unique and meaningful experience, perfect for children and adults, outdoors enthusiasts, bird lovers, and history buffs. Here you will hear the charming tales of a prominent family that bore a brilliant Pioneer Ornithologist, and be dazzled by hawks and owls set within a park-like sanctuary.

The 200 acre Stanwood Wildlife Sanctuary is a charitable, non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the home and vision of pioneer, ornithologist-photographer CORDELIA J. STANWOOD, as a living memorial to her achievements in Ornithology and life.

Cordie’s spirit continues to guide Birdsacre in its role in educating and encouraging conservation. Shelters for non-releasable birds are located around the Stanwood orchard, which surrounds Cordelia’s 19th century Homestead Museum and gardens, and a modern Nature Center that showcases a fine art and nature collection, along with an extra-ordinary gift area. Owl programs are conducted on site and may visit schools, clubs, and events upon request.

In addition, the Sanctuary encourages conservation and protects open space by accepting, monitoring, and preserving land grants to help maintain the delicate balance between human development and the natural world.

The Sanctuary is open, supported by donation, seven days a week, twelve months a year during daylight hours.   The Homestead Museum and Nature Center
are seasonal, running from June through September, 10 to 4 pm, dependent on volunteers.

The Stanwood Wildlife Sanctuary is the exclusive, official source of Cordelia J. Stanwood’s avian field-notes and extensive photographic collection, preserving her original work in archives, and providing public viewing to copies of her paramount nature studies upon request.

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Contact info:
Stanwood Wildlife Sanctuary
P.O. Box 485
289 High Street
Ellsworth, Me. 04605

The bluebird artwork in the banner at the top of the page is from a painting
called Birdsacre by Susan Knowles Jordan.

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