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Visiting today is similar to calling on Cordelia herself. Preserved like a comfortable time capsule perched above a busy road of change, entering the Stanwood Homestead is a unique experience where the signs of life, dramatic and personal, exist providing the illusion that Cordie has only forgotten her wide-brimmed, thatched hat after strolling out the door. That is after all how she left, locking the door on a fully furnished home filled with long memories.  

Side View of House
  At 20 years of age, Captain Roswell Stanwood had the Cape-style House built in 1850 on the site of a former foundation, in the days when the Homestead was “out in the country.” Guests were ushered into the front parlor where shutters covering the windows, stretched from floor to ceiling, were opened to allow a flood of sunshine into the room. Mary Jane’s Temple jar emitting the aroma of dried rose petals would be uncovered as a teakettle insistently sputtered on the Art Sparkle, parlor stove. The eye-catching, massive square piano, sailed up from Boston on the Captain’s ship, would elicit a remark, and perhaps while awaiting a musician, the guests would converse and relax on the love seats and horsehair upholstered Lincoln Rockers.



  A curved wall winds one deeper into the house where the story of other memories, photographs, and curiosities unearthed during restoration, await. UP a precarious, secret back stairs you are transported aloft to Cordelia’s bedroom where she was born, returned to, and worked within. This is a well loved and lived in home of common souls reaching for great deeds.  

  Here the quiet dignity and simplicity of another age, reflected in the wrinkled, hand-made windowpanes, pause beneath the roof’s eaves for visitors but to step in and smell another world  


The Homestead is open, free of charge, during the summer months through September, between 10 and 4 pm every day, and upon appointment – dependent upon volunteers.  

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Stanwood Wildlife Sanctuary
P.O. Box 485
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e-mail: Birdsacre@hotmail.com