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In 1985, the State of Maine declared Birdsacre a state refuge, which provides and ensures part of our local, scenic charm through preserving the balance between beneficial urban growth and the dwindling borders of our natural tranquility.

The Aegis of Birdsacre also accepts, protects, and monitors land grants.

Over the years, benevolent individuals have generously contributed to preserving our outdoors for others in honor of their beloved.

Long ago, Cordie’s brother Harry Stanwood carved his initials in a rock off of the red trail for the future to remember him.

Following his example various ponds, pools, favorite spots, land acquisitions, gardens, trails, and aviaries have been memorialized bequests honoring loved ones.

1962 - Bown Pond - named after Cordelia’s maternal family, honors the Stanwood donation of family house and property

1968 - Foster Trail - Honors Representative Ruth, and Pat Foster’s support

1970 - McGinley Pond - Dedicated to George McGinley, a State biologist involved in the testing of DDT in Eagle eggs

1972 - Annie Riech Pool - honors the memory of Eva Reich Moise

1976 - Martinland - dedicated to the memory of loyal supporter, naturalist, artist, taxidermist, and writer Al Martin, who use to play his harmonica at McGinley Pond

1980 - Hazel Walker Aviary - Recognizes a close friend and active supporter of Cordelia Stanwood and Birdsacre

1981 - Richmond Pond - a surprise dedication recognizing the extensive efforts of Marion and Chandler Richmond as founders of Birdsacre

1982 - Weinstein XX - celebrates Fredrick and Suzanne Weinstein’s aid in saving the 20 acres surrounding the Queen’s Throne; a favorite place of Cordie’s

1983 - Mitchell Lot - achieved by 13 anonymous individuals

1984 - Harriet’s Pond - in honor of Mrs. Bayard Ewing

1985 - Ruth Hanna - remembers the devoted efforts of Ruth Hanna Children’s Acre

1985 - Jones Path and Lot - a 25 year promise made by Mrs. S. Jones, Sr. – a girl friend of Cordie’s – and honored by Beatrice Jones

1989 - Jordan Lot - contributed by Robert C. Jordan

1992 - Herpel Pond - - honors Professor Herpel

1997 - Glen Alder Path - honors a shrub, the glen of alders

1998 - Woodland Gardens - created by the Master Gardeners Program and Boardwalk of Ellsworth

2000 - Pinkham Path - remembers Albion and Betty Pinkham’s personal and constant involvement

2001 - Memorial Garden - celebrates the Kittredge family’s long commitment

2003 - Stevenson Bog - honors the generous soul of Fredrick Weinstein

2005 - Charolotte Kaupfman - in recognition of 10 years of always being there

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