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View of the Nature Center through the Woods
  The Nature Center, built by the Ellsworth Vocational Tech class in 1990, showcases a small but excellent arrangement of bird and mammal mounts, egg and nest collections. Many of our mounts are over 100 years old, and the Merrit Fitch egg collection – collected by two teenage boys in 1888 - contains over 58 species of eggs.

Here the story of the misunderstood Great Horned Owl, “Stinky,” exhibits the unfortunate consequences of when the natural world and uninformed people collide. Other mounts including a beaver, several red fox – including a rare mummified Maine fox - an ermine, the brilliant snowy owl, and two eagles offer an up close and personal look at nature’s more secretive creatures.

Snowy Owl (with view looking out)

Great Horned Owl with G.H. Owl skeleton

Overhead hang two glass cases, constructed by the Sullivan and Ellsworth Vocational departments, which showcase hawks, ducks, and a loon.

Artwork on display represents one of the most comprehensive collections of local wildlife artists. Originals and prints by Susan Knowles Jordan and Persis Clayton Weirs, among many others, are available.

"Birdsacre" by Susan Knowles Jordan
(Click picture above for more of Susan's artwork)

"Creekside" by Persis Clayton Weirs
(Click picture above for more of Persis' artwork)

On the book rack, amidst an excellent selection of juvenile and professional bird and nature books, are three works written about Cordelia Stanwood and Birdsacre. Ada Graham’s Six Little Chickadees inspires children with Cordie’s story of accomplishment; Frank Graham’s Jacob and the Owl, staring one of our famous owls, narrates a boy’s encounter with a wild Barred Owl; and, Chandler Richmond’s definitive biography of Cordelia’s life in Beyond the Spring reveals Cordelia’s complex and intriguing personality through the words of her poetic and scientific field-notes.

The scene of several musical programs, our tri-level deck designed by the Knowlton School’s second grade and aided by the “Beautify America grant,” is a lovely area from which to enjoy the sights and sounds of the Master Gardener’s Woodland Everglade. The Everglade is framed-in by the handicap accessible boardwalk.  

Deck and Boardwalk

Our gift shop the “Crow’s Nest,” offers a variety of bird related items and a wide selection of books and cards. Clothing and caps and other souvenirs are available. We also feature a special children’s section.


Breezy Singers


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