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  “If I had not watched for the birds of the arbutus to unfold when a child, if I had not gathered it as a woman, if I had never seen the linnea carpeting the ground, trailing over the rocks, making a flower garden of each old log, and filling the vast woodlands with haunting sweetness, I should care for the flowers less. It is because my mind is stored with groves, fields,
swales, hills, and mountains where ferns, flowers, and trees grow in unusual beauty in natural surroundings, it is because each bird voice means so much to me and suggests such varied experiences, that I love nature so much.” -CJS

Birdsacre is a rare and personal place. Being involved can provide a warm feeling of satisfaction. New acquaintances, sharing experiences, helping people, caring for the birds, and making Cordie’s home and surroundings available to our visitors is our objective.

With all the hustle and bustle around us, with the increased inhumanity and loss of respect, maybe for just a second, here on this little spot, Birdsacre, we are doing something good.

Over the years the pressure and potential to expand, become uniform or corporate-like, has arisen, and we have struggled to retain the intimacy and sincerity of a simple and original place.


Simplicity does not negate need. The price to fund the Sanctuary grows yearly. However, its cost remains in our visitors’ appreciation.

One enters Birdsacre, its Museum, Nature Center, picnic area, and woodland trails free of charge, based on the idea that none should be excluded from entering and enjoying because of economic means.

Support is largely derived from donation and subscription, providing visitors with an invested interest in ensuring the Sanctuary’s survival. However, the potential of this public park is and has always has been in the hands and hearts of a generous few. To help increase those necessary few…


Gifts in memory of a friend or loved one may be made in "memory of ________," and mailed to Birdsacre, to support our current and future care of the Sanctuary, injured and ambassador birds, and the preservation of Cordelia J. Stanwood's 19th century Homestead.


Please, Donate time or become a Supporter by calling or writing the

Stanwood Wildlife Sanctuary
P.O. Box 485
Ellsworth, Me. 04605
e-mail: Birdsacre@hotmail.com

Contributions are Tax Deductible: #01-0277-845




Bird Care







Volunteers are needed:

- to give tours in Cordelia’s 19th Century Homestead
- to care for injured birds
- to supervise the Nature Center
- to help with Trail Maintenance, Garden Care, and Shelter Construction and Maintenance

A few hours in the morning or afternoon is of great help.

One appreciates the sight of nature, but true enjoyment emerges only through involvement.