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“I would rather go to Martinland than Disneyland” – E.B. White

Entrance to Nature Trails
  “Most of the evening I spent in Tinker’s woods, one of the most beautiful bits of woodlands I know… Stand in the dim aisles of the forest in the twilight when the sun shows orange and crimson through dim vistas of interlacing branches and listen to the hermit thrushes. They perch at different heights on the side of the woods illuminated by the setting sun, and vie with each other in hymning the glories of the universe …
(while) the city slumbered in the thick white mist from which the steeples and roofs just emerged. All the birds sang.” - CJS

Today, the Sanctuary encompasses a sweeping 200 acres of protected wilderness, rolling back from the bustling Route 3 Ellsworth/Bar Harbor road, surrounding the original 40-acre Stanwood property.

Here one may trace the original paths Cordie’s feet carved into the forest floor during her nature studies, passing many of her favorite spots, like the Queen’s Throne where she loved to listen to the Hermit Thrushes sing at evening-tide, or hike deeper into the woodlands. Cordelia’s unique, interconnected trail system is perfect for all ages: interesting to adults, and entertaining for children.

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Path with Moss & Fern

Within the Sanctuary one encounters gentle hillside slopes, grassy swamps, blankets of deep green moss, towering pines and spruces, laughing brooks and bubbling springs, all supporting a vast array of nesting bird, plant, and wildlife populations. Natural vistas have been cleared, 6 refreshing ponds and pools added, all for the enjoyment of bird and public. Martinland’s curling wooden ridge, and the Stevenson Pontoon Bog Walkway create adventurous crossings over unique wetlands. Picnic areas alongside shaded ponds and in the old apple orchard await lunches.


For the time restricted or limited walkers a sturdy, wooden Everglade Boardwalk fashioned by the Ellsworth Master Gardeners, and the crushed-stone Pinkham Path offer handicap accessible escapades into the woods where labeled examples of plants and wild flowers, located throughout the property, are recreated within close proximity to the entrance. And for Bird experts, and amateurs, on the Pinkham Path, the Sullivan Girl Scout Troop #267 mounted colorful wooden replicas of their favorite-feathered friends for strollers to test their knowledge against.


The birds are here to be seen, if one has the time and patience - like Cordie Stanwood.  


The Sanctuary is open year round from dawn to dusk, funded by donation, reestablishing our connection with nature, and offering a pleasant balance to the hustle-and-bustle of today’s fast paced world.


Bicycles damage our trails, and dog lovers are encouraged to stroll beyond the non-releasable owl shelter area, for the peace of our injured birds. Birdsacre is an excellent place to hike during the summer, snowshoe and ski during the winter, hold club meetings, special events or birthday parties on the patio deck or pond side.

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Cordie's paintings:

"Queen's Throne"

"Red Trail"

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