The Gardens at Birdsacre - A Hancock County Master Gardener Volunteer Project

Heirloom Cottage Garden

Cottage GardenIn the summer of 2005 the Master Gardener Volunteers worked on reviving the cottage plantings back to what they may have been in Cordelia Stanwood's day. Soil was added and enriched so plants could be replanted in their original locations. (Many had seeded themselves throughout the beds over the years.) Annuals were added to reflect the garden styles of the popular landscape architect Beatrix Farrand who designed many gardens on nearby Mount Desert Island during the years Cordelia was pursuing her ornithology and photography here.

Weeding-A gardeners work is never done!Although the original garden may have been established by her mother, Cordelia no doubt attempted to maintain it and probably added some favored species of her day. The Master Gardeners tried to recreate this garden, eliminating invasive species that had overtaken parts of the garden.

When Cordelia returned from Rhode Island, she brought three plants home: a red rose, a yellow rose, and a flowering quince. The quince sent out rhizomes everywhere, which proved to be a real challenge in managing it without killing the original shrub. The Birdsacre staff will continue to maintain the cottage garden while the Master Gardener Volunteers will focus on maintaining the Woodland Gardens.